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Is it time to embrace the ART?...

Sigma's series of ART lenses have been out for some time now. Having been very happy with my set of Samyang cine series lenses I've only had one eye on them as more and more people are starting to use them for their video creations. I dipped my toe in the water by purchasing the Sigma ART 18-35mm early this year, mostly for it's 1.8 aputure. However I find myself growing more and more frustrated with the lack of sharpness at wide open on my Samyangs. Now from what some peers and other voices online have been saying is that the Sigma ART series hold up well around f1.4. I'm definatly tired of having prime lenes that feel like they have a huge handicap of not shooting wide open. Expect more on this as I manage to get my hands on a copy of the Sigma ART 35mm, of which I've heard great things.

Sigma's Art Series Line Up

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