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Horror Themed Music Video

It is that time of year again. When the nights are drawing in and leaves have begun to fall. So what better to get into the swing of things than with shooting a nice Horror themed Music Video for the American rock band "Soil".

Day 1 had us shooting in the legendary Bourne Wood in Surrey. Which is a locations I've had the privilege of filming before. It's one of those places that really makes your job quite easy as a Cinematographer, everywhere you seem to place the camera it looks stunning.

As the video was to be Black & White I deliberately chose to shoot in a very high contrast settings. Looking for pools of light breaking through the trees to really enhance the drama of the scenes. It was also a great way of hiding certain elements of characters adding a mysterious and chilling look. The still below is a great example of this.

Using bounce in the Actors face to show his desperation whilst letting the Actress be shrouded by shadow and backlight.

I used a lot of 1/2 Soft Frost for C.U shots to kill some of the suns hard light but keeping a nice direction to the light. Needless to say It didn't end well for this Guy

Day 2 was a bar scene shot in Sheppards Bush Brewdog. Here I opted to light to give it a very "dive bar" look. I used 3x Aputure with some 1/8 and 1/2 Red Gels.

The red, whilst giving this asctetic, adds a sense of danger to the scene

Using low angles towards the end of the narative really managed to flip the power and add to the "twist" element of the video

All in all a great day(s) out. The cast and crew were superb to work with. The final music video should be released later this month. Just in time for Halloween...

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