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"We Progress" footage in the can

I haven't updated my blog for a while now. With good reason.

The preparation for the short film "We Progress" has taken around 96% of my time over the last month or so.

The other 4% has been sleeping and spending time with people that have to put up with me ranting and raving about hire costs, lighting, grip equipment, colour temprature, household electrics amongst other things.

But after a 3 fantastic days, last weekend, the project was finally given life and we have footage in the can.

Frustratingly I can't share any stills from the film at this stage but I can share some great shots taken behind the scenes from some of our talented crew.

Our Camera Opertor Mark Gregory

The crew were fantastic and it was a fantastic experience for all involved.

Most importantly the footage is looking fantastic. The URSA mini 4.6k finally got it's restrains off and shot 4.6k RAW. All be it at 4:1.

We used Sigmas New Cine Series lenses which were wonderful lenses to work with.

The gear break down was as follows 3x 750w Arrilites 1x Arri M18 HMI 3x 1000 Arrlites 5x SIGMA cine series Bounce + Flags etc

I'll be sharing more about the project as the weeks develop.

#bts #cinema #filmmaking #indiefilm #sigmacineseries #ursamini

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